Oldstick Books

Julie C Round's family and children's fiction

 The 'Lane' series.

 Lane's End was the first book about a learning disabled man and his family, and was followed by Un-Stable Lane, The Third Lane and A Bend in the Lane. Each book shows how they overcome prejudice and disaster and even foil a romance scam.

The 'Never' books.

Never Run Away  follows a married woman as she leaves her husband and tries  to start a new life . She finds work in the house of an eccentric actress  but her husband is hot on her trail.

Never Pretend is about adoption and the way childhood shapes a person.


Children's Stories

Penny Down the Drain is a fantasy story in which Miss Smith, the witch, wreaks havoc on the Magic Mountain and all that lives within it.Penny returns to save the animals in "Penny and the Poorly Parrot" and "Penny and the Creeping Weed."               

 All three books now selling together as "Penny Tales."



Some Oldstick Books

Most books only in paperback format.

"A Lesson for the Teacher" ebook.


The pier, the beach and the Downs all feature in  the Sussex based novels.

Sea Scribes

A group of published and aspiring novelists who put on gigs for charity and support each other at launch events.

Sussex Inspired tales

The author

Light. easy to read novels, based on the Sussex coast, written by a former schoolteacher and public speaker.

Julie C Round is a member of SWWJ and a local writing group 'Sea Scribes.'

Her books can be found on Goodreads and Amazon and she posts on juliecroundblog.wordpress.com.


News and Views


 Every book is reduced for Christmas. Three Penny Tales are now only £10. All the adult books are now £4 each and post free in the UK. Up-to-date  news, pictures and poems on www.juliecroundblog.wordpress.com.


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